Tra le fiamme

Ensemble Tra le Fiamme is formed by Paulina Żmuda (fortepiano) and Alicja Ciesielczuk (soprano), who were inspired by Period Acting Techniques for emphasizing the rhetorical message of the music performed. The mission of our project is to revive this almost forgotten performance technique. As Tra le Fiamme, we wish to explore the beauty of music for fortepiano and voice by experimenting with historical period acting techniques. By combining lyrics, harmony and affects, we will transport our audiences to another world – a world of music which should be cherished and never forgotten.

Program of our recital:
Strong like fire and water
Female temperament in classical song
Duration: 40 minutes
W. A. Mozart – selection of songs
·Der Zauberer KV 472
·Die Zufriedenheit KV 473
·Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhaber verbrannte KV 520
·Abendempfindung KV 523
·Un moto di gioia KV 579
·Wiegenlied (eigentlich komponiert von Bernhard Flies)
L. Beethoven – 5 Lieder op. 82
·No 1. Hoffnung: Dimmi, ben mio, che m’ami
·No 2. Liebes-Klage: T’intendo, sì, mio cor
·No 3. Stille Frage: Che fa, che fa il mio bene?
·No 4. Liebes-Ungeduld: Che fa il mio bene?
J. Haydn – Arianna a Naxos.
Cantata a voce sola, Hob. XXVIb:2
·Adagio: Teseo mio ben
·Air: Dove sei, mio bel tesoro
·Recitative: Ma, a chi parlo?
·Air: Ah, che morir vorrei

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